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About wireframing and honesty


I just came across this great post from ALA – read it here.

I could really relate to the story being told about wireframing. Everytime we do create wireframes it is hard for our Clients to realize and focus that what we are presenting is not really the design itself, but only a sketch. I usually refer to that wireframes are to web design what the house plan is to the architect. So at the end of the day if could be a good thing to go really lo-fi and just sketch wireframes on paper so no one will think that the type actually means anything.

“Pen sketches are—and will forever be—the fastest, cheapest, and most universal way to create and share your ideas for any medium, particularly in early ideation phases. The pixel precision of wireframes can lead clients—and designers—into thinking there’s no design work left to explore once the first round of wireframes is complete. Or, precise wireframes can lead them to fuss with fonts, styling, and alignment of elements on a grid. These are the wrong things to focus upon in early design phases.Because pen sketches are so far removed from web materials, they’re never confused for the final design. Even if you wanted to, it’s hard to fuss about fonts in a pen sketch. This keeps everyone focused on the right things at the right time. After the concepts are resolved through pen sketching, designers can work honestly with clients and design in the browser to bring the visual ideas and prototypes to life.”

As I finish the post I really think the guy is trying to sell his stuff (Inkwell and MoreBlue) so no linking here on purpose! 😉

Author: Tiago Costa

Internet entrepreneur, Ironman Finisher and kitesurfer. Founder of WayNext – web agency and other companies. Blogging for myself, this is not the agency voice.

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