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How Facebook news feed optimization may work against Facebook itself


Almost every human being that is used to be online for endless hours may well be logging into Facebook more than they would like to. I personally would be logging on Facebook 4 ou 5 times per day, besides all those time when I would just go in to check some of the work we are doing on community management for our Clients @ WayNext.

Anyway, I’m fed up with it and recently I’ve been running a little experience with myself and aside from work related Facebook time I only browse my news feed once per day at night. This is working very well for me because since I don’t check it so often and as the news feed algorithm is working fairly well I can login just once a day and still get what really matters to me (mostly updates from real friends, some news on the topics I really care about and a few others things). When I used to login more ofter I would see many duplicate content or content that was really not so interesting for me.

This is to say that I’m likely to keep this strategy. My time is more limited than ever and I really dislike wasting it on Facebook although I recognize there are some things going on that I’m keen on learning and Facebook brings it to my attention.

Anyway, going back to the topic of this post, I believe that if more people reach the same conclusion Facebook’s news feed optimization will also mean fewer minutes spent browsing it turning against its own business. When I can login 5 minutes and day and get everything I want to see from the past 24 hours, there is no point in wasting time any more often.

Author: Tiago Costa

Internet entrepreneur, Ironman Finisher and kitesurfer. Founder of WayNext – web agency and other companies. Blogging for myself, this is not the agency voice.

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